We use Canon color laser printers and Roland color inkjet printers for digital image process printing.
        Here' s how it works: we use high resolution color laser imaging and/or inkjet
        printers to output your image on specially coated acitate. The image is
        then applied to the garment through a high temperature/pressure fusion
        process. The result is very brilliant colors that look really great,
        feel great, and stand up to many washings!
        We print our images at 400 to 1200 d.p.i, depending on the application.
        We offer (2) imprint sizes for digital imaging:

        (1). Logo size (also known as "breast" or "heart" size). This is the
        typical imprint size for a company logo to printed on the breast area or
        sleeve of a shirt. The logo imprint size is any size 4" X 4" maximum or
        (2). Full size. This is our standard imprint size. This imprint size is for
        printing across the full front or full back of the shirt. The full size
        imprint is 10.5" X 8.25" (landscape) or 8.25" X 10.5" (portrait). You
        can use a standard sheet of paper as your guide for sizing when planning
        your design layout.

WE OFFER Full Color Garment Digital Imaging