Before choosing to have your design embroidered, a few items must be considered to achieve the desired level of detail and crispness. Keeping these items in mind will ensure your embroidered design will look its best:

Although screen-printing offers a higher level of detail, embroidery really gives your garment a classy look. Embroidery is the process of creating decorative designs using needlework. The design is converted into a pattern of stitches that are sewn into the garment fabric. Today, the embroidery process is done using digitizing software and computer controlled embroidery machines. The design is brought into a software program that determines the pattern of stitches needed to embroider it. That pattern of stitches is then sent to the embroidery machine to be sewn.

  • Material of the garment

Micro fibers with a tight weave hold stitches better, while small stitches tend to get lost in thick polar fleece.

  • Size of the graphic and lettering

A tiny graphic or lettering that is barely legible on a laser print or business card will get worse when converted to stitches.

type style (font)

If you are using a small type, a block font should be used. Any type style can be embroidered but certain fonts must be increased in size before they will appear correctly when embroidered.

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